May 31

Because the small things matter to me. Because when you take the time to notice and consider those things, it says something. Because I’m over analytical about everything and in the back of my mind, I’m hoping you are too. And finally, because then, I’d know if you actually cared.

May 28

You got me. There’s no doubt about it.

You have me. And that’s a fact.

You had me. Something I hope I’ll never have to say.

May 24

When people Instagram but don’t respond to your texts. Oh. Okay.

May 18

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LOL. Favorite princess.

LOL. Favorite princess.

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May 16

I can’t help it. Why do I over think every little single thing. I told myself that I wouldn’t over analyze things anymore, but I just can’t just ignore the facts. Once a doubtful thought enters your mind, it will never leave. 

May 14


May 13

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